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Use social CRM to increase your sales

Empower a global network of real estate professionals to share and promote your listings, increase and
expand your marketing reach to a global marketplace.


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Generate sales using referrals

Task Management

Simplifying your next task by giving you control. You now have the ability to easily manage, organized and stay focused which keeps you on track.

Lead Management

Covert lead generation to revenue. We help you identity and growing your marketing salesforce by increasing your network so you can generate more sales.

Inventory Management

The more you know about your listings, at any given time, the easier it is to manage your business. We provide you the tools to keep track of you current listings, so you can stay on top of them.

Type Analytics

Type Analytics essentially connotes to a data matrix which summarizes information collated from different data touch points. It provides you a snapshot of the impressions garnered by your service or product lineup.

Professional Networking

Your success is largely based on your professional network that can help you sell your listings. We help you identify professionals who are driven to generate sales.

Email Marketing

Providing you with the resources to help you stay in touch with your network and allowing it to grow. We provide you the tools to help you engage your network, target your audience, send responsive emails and keep track of results.


Featured Listings

Upgrade your property to be Featured and unlock great opportunities. Featured Listings provide you a platform to promote your property and earn referrals.

Discover Referral Network

Connect with professionals to increase your network and to access new opportunities. Network helps you in getting referrals and earning referrals.

Business Insights

Understand the health of a Property with access to key metrics. Take the advantage of metrics to find the right opportunity for your Property.

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